At VCA they are much more than staff.  They are family. 

Mrs. Timmons


Mrs. Harris

Fourth and Fifth Grades

Mrs. Rae Lynn Harris joined our VCA family after the Christmas break, and is teaching fourth and fifth graders.  Since she taught preschool with some of these children, and then did her student teaching in second grade at VCA two years ago, she knows most of her fourth graders well.  She is an imaginative, energetic teacher, who cares for each students spiritual, social, and physical growth, as well as their academic education.

Mrs. Timmons joined the VCA Board before the school even started!  "For this school, I prayed!" she says.  After serving on the school boardfor several years, she began working as a teacher's aide/secretary, then began teaching Preschool and K4 last year.  She has proven to be an excellent teacher, who loves her students and sharing God's love with them.







Ms. Cortelloni

Kindergarten and First Grade

Ms. Cortelloni is beginning her teaching career at VCA.  She graduated with a degree in Children's Ministry from Liberty University in May of 2019.  Her love for children, and educating them about Jesus as well as school subjects made VCA a fit for her, and we are blessed having her on our staff.

Mrs. Sutton

Sixth, Seventh and Eighth Grade/Principal

Mrs. Sutton was with Mrs. Timmons on the first school board. She told the principal, Mr. Deem, that she always wanted to be a teacher, and God worked it out for her to fulfil that dream five years later.  She has been teaching for 15 years, and is sure she is right where God wants her to be.  In April of 2018 she took on the additional duties as principal.  


Mrs. Brooks

Second and Third Grade

Mrs. Brooks graduated from Greenville College in 1985, with a certification is in Elementary Education.  She has taught just about every grade, including college, and has settled in to second and third grade this year.  Mrs. Brooks is full of ideas and energy, and loves doing STEM projects with her students.

Mrs. Smith

Art and PE