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What is the student/teacher ratio? 

On average there are about 15 students per teacher.


Why do you only have 4 teachers, but classes for Pre-K to 8th grade?

Our classes are set up with two or three grades in each classroom and the preschool class is by itself.  For example K-1 are all in Ms. Coretelloni's class.


Do you have a uniform policy?

Yes, the uniform policy can be found on our ABOUT page. 


Is VCA recognized by the state of Illinois?

Yes, we are.  This does not mean, however that we are goverened by the state.


Does VCA have a sports program?

The school participates in a co-op with the public school.  Our kids may play on any Vandalia public school team.


Do you have to be a member of a certain religious group to attend VCA?

No. VCA welcomes everyone to attend our school. 

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