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Vandalia Christian Academy is a Christ-centered school committed to developing God's best for each student spiritually, academically, morally, and socially. 

Principal's Message


Statement of Faith

  • We believe that all Scripture is inspired by God and that it has the supreme and final authority in faith and life. 

  • We believe God is the source of all life, creator and sustainer of all creation. 

  • We believe in one God existing as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. 

  • We believe in the virgin birth of the Lord Jesus Christ. in His vicarious and atoning death, His bodily resurrection, and His second coming. 

  • We believe that man was created in the image of God and the he sinned, and thereby incurred physical death and separation from God. 

  • We believe in the bodily resurrection of all the dead, the saved to eternal life in heaven and the unsaved to eternal judgement. 

  • We believe that Christians are to be separated unto God, living holy lives pleasing to Him and witnessing to His glory. 

  • We believe that God directly created the heavens and the earth and all that lies therein in six days. 

  • We believe the only legitimate marriage, based on the creation ordinance in Genesis 1 and 2, sanctioned by God is the joining of one naturally born man and one naturally born woman in a single, exclusive union as delineated in scripture. 

  • We believe gender and biological sex are equivalent and cannot be separated. A person's gender is determined at conception (Fertilization), coded in the DNA, and cannot be changed by drugs, hormones, or surgery. Rejection of one's biological sex (gender) or identifying oneself by the opposite sex is a sinful rejection of the way God made that person. 

  • We believe the concepts of "social justice," "intersectionality," and "critical race theory" are anti-biblical and destructive to human flourishing. 


Mrs. Schulze 


Mrs. Mulvaney

1st-2nd Grade

Mrs. Spring


Miss. Schilling

2nd-3rd Grade 

Mrs. Holstein

Pre-K 4 

Ms. Emerick 

4th-6th Grade

Mrs. Kistler

Teacher Aide 

School Board Members

Larry Koberlein- President 

JJ Miller- Vice President

Adam Hosick- Secretary

Staria Smith- Treasurer

Bryan McElvany- Board Member

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