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Welcome to Vandalia Christian Academy where our motto is: Guarding Hearts, Challenging Minds, Building Character.  We strive to uphold this motto.  We are so excited that you are considering becoming a part of our VCA family.  Our goal is to mold well-rounded students who demonstrate academic excellence and display the spiritual and social maturity to glorify God. 


VCA is a state recognized school and exceeds the basic requirements for that recognition.  By meeting these requirements our students may co-op with the Vandalia Junior High School in athletic activities and other IESA sponsored activities.  Many of our younger students participate in sports through our local YMCA as well.


VCA uses the A Beka Book Curriculum exclusively.  A Beka Book is one of the most highly recognized and respected Christian textbook companies and has been innovative in homeschool education and a leader in Christian School classroom materials.  We believe that A Beka Book texts help support our belief that true education must be administered in a spiritual atmosphere that recognizes God as the creator of man and the universe and that He is the author of order, reason, and reality as seen in our world.  All truth is God's truth. 


We welcome you to visit VCA and talk with our staff members, parents, and with our students.  We are sure you will find that VCA will be the correct choice for you and your children.